Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Have fun exploring your own neighborhood!

Cape Town V&A Waterfront

Having fun is not restricted to having money! Many times in life, we believe that we have to have money to go somewhere, spend on food, spend on travel, spend on useless memoirs. The best way to enjoy yourself can be found in the simplicity of just being in your own space, environment or even your own neighborhood.

We very seldom explore own own country. We build huge dreams of travelling overseas and salivate endlessly at the adverts of the beauty of exotic destinations, it's people and cultures.

But if you had to just take a step back, you will realise that many people from those countries are actually coming to your own country.

Take a camera and a picnic basket. Stroll through your own town and lose yourself in the tastes and smells of what it has to offer. Looking through a camera lense allows you to feel like a tourist in your own backyard. The very architecture, history, tastes, smells, culture, traditions, everyday life and people interactions that we search for overseas, is right here in your own neighborhood to enjoy.

I love travelling to a new city in my own country, visiting the museums, winefarms, coffee shops and local restaurants. There are always such amazing insights, memories and wonderful stories to be heard from locals. I love it!!

So my thoughts for today is simply this. Choose to explore your own city, neighborhood or country. Don't limit yourself to having to have lots of money to have fun.. become a travellor and stamp your own memory with incredible, funtastic and amazing experiences. Just Coz!!

until we meet again,
take care and have fun!!
Arthie Moore

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  1. This is wonderful Arts. We tend to miss the acres of diamonds that we stand on!