Sunday, May 6, 2012

Inspired by Mother Nature

Somedays I feel so excited and bursting with energy to take on the world and let loose all of this pent up fascination to create, explore, travel, write and just connect with people. Then other days, I just want to cuddle up on the couch with a good old fashioned juicy red wine, blue cheese and movies.

Such are the moments in our lives when we feel inspired to do something great and then the balance to just chill. Inspiration, I find for me is coming more and more from nature, our sunrises, sunsets, landscapes, shadows and ever changing happy, laughing clouds.

I feel so inspired just by the fact that I am alive! I feel gratitude for the travelling, interaction and life changing work that we do, that allows us to be a part of an ever changing lanscape of dramatic thunderstorms, delightful sunshine and wonderous rainy, cloudy days.

To feel sunshine upon my face, lightens up my heart with the warmth and love that is Mother Natures way of giving us something that is free and there for the taking. And then I realise that I have more to be grateful for. Our lives are filled with everything that is free yet we indebt ourselves with manmade objects of desire..a desire that slowly fades away as the whimsical need for it diminishes and the next bright object replaces it.

Are we so filled with desire to own, manage, build, break, damage, destroy, hurt and fill our lives with things so much so, that we fail to see that the best things in life are indeed free.

We travel to far off countries in search of the elusive fun, rest and relaxation that we can get in our own backyard. Sitting outside in your own garden, you can soak up the rays of joy that the sun bestows upon you - for free.. Revelling in the everchanging clouds from naughty thin streaks to fat, juicy, plumpy clouds..the fascination never ends..The delicious sounds of rain pitter pattering on your window or rooftop, soothes with the irregular rhythm that is unique to sudden storms or gentle rainfall. What more could one ask for?

Take heed and be wary of overlooking the simplicity of what we have in front of us. Be careful that we become so blase that we forget the true beauty that is waiting to be acknowledged right here, right now, in the moment. With every breathe we inhale, we are taking from Mother Nature. With every meal, we are sustaining our life blood and diminishing hers. So be more aware! Be more concious and grateful and be inspired by what we have been given. It is after all, a privilege and not a right.

Mother Nature is inspiring us out of our lazy boredom that is dependent on electronic stimulation. She is giving us the joys of life that is there for the living. Be inspired, be wowed, be humbled. I am in awe of Mother Nature's greatness. The mere fact that us mortals have been given the opportunity to share in this wonderous earth overwhelms me.

I am grateful. I am inspired.

Arthie Moore

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Travel..Just Coz!!

Recently, I spontaneously decided to go on the Skycar at Moses Mabida Stadium in Durban just for the fun of it. I loved it!! Whilst taking photos, I realised that we seldom look at the beauty of our own city. We spend thousands of rands going overseas to observe the beauty of other cultures, landscapes, food, music and cities.

The amazing thing is that we can do all of this in our own cities for very little money.

My suggestion, is that you should stop randomly and enjoy the simple sights of your own city. Go on tours, walking, driving, flying or being driven. Soak up the sun in your own backyard. Revel in the joys of local music and cuisine..

Interact with strangers in your own neighborhood who are just waiting for you to smile and introduce yourself. Friendships are simple, they are there for the taking. Why limit ourselves to friendships on social networking sites only..greet people randomly and strike a conversation that can change your life, your thoughts, your perspectives and add to your experience.

Go pub hopping with a group of friends and have a spectacular time, doing what you would normally only do overseas. Let your hair down Just Coz!! you can...

Take your wallet and a backpack with overnight clothes. Book into a Guesthouse, Bed and Breakfast or farmhouse. Jump into your car, choose a city nearby and go road tripping. Stop when you are bored, fascinated or find something interesting.

Know that your city is hungrily awaiting your love, time, approval and attention.

Morale of the story..Get out of the mundane routine of waiting until you have enough money to travel to exotic destinations..Stop limiting yourself and travel for the love of it. Explore what is right in front of you!

Look at your own country in the same delighted way, millions of tourists see it. Life is deliciously exciting..Let's get out there and Live!!

until the next time, take care and have fun!