Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Day

So Valentines Day is swinging around again and with it comes the highs and lows for many.

A day meant to be filled with love, hope and joy can turn out to be very stressful and disastrous from overthinking or not thinking enough.

The stress has begun..your heart is pumping, the adrenaline is shooting through your system and your bank account has gone on holiday :)

For all of the single peeps out there, it is frustrating, exciting, depressing or something to avoid.

For co-workers, some await in anticipation wondering if the person they have been secretly doting on, will finally make a grand gesture of undying affection.

For kids in school, it is a time of uncertainty, heartbreak, hopes and dreams that will either be built or shattered in the quest for their true love.

For some newly married couples it is a time to be extravagant and show off their new love to each other. Very exciting time when each try to outdo each other with huge romantic gestures.

For some couples who have been married ideas have dwindled from romantic to necessary. :) That is cool too, as most people now appreciate receiving what they really need.

Some days I wonder why we put ourselves through this every year, but hey.. someone out there had a sense of humor. So here are some ideas that are fun, inexpensive but effective.

For children in school, get creative.
  1.  Snip a rose or flower from the neighbours garden...just do not get caught :)
  2. Wrap a can with white paper and draw red hearts all the way around and tie some red string around it. Fill it with lollipops or something sweet. It is fun and can be displayed on your young love's desk at school. It also draws attention from other kids who will want to get a taste of the sweet delights. Kids like the attention of knowing that someone thought of them.
  3. The traditional handmade card always works. A simple slab of chocolate goes down well too :) A red pen or pencil tied with a piece of white or red string works too.
  4. Origami is fun and takes a lot of thought to create something fun.
  5. Recycled teddy bears are cool too. Just make sure it is clean.
  6. A diary for special thoughts are brilliant gifts too.
  7. Another good idea, is to get a normal school book, cover it beautifully and then handwrite a positive quote of the day on each page.
  8. Buy your friend lunch from the cafeteria or tuck shop.
  9. Or just share you own lunch with your special friend.
  10. Make some home made cookies or cupcakes and carefully wrap each one and present it to the person you like or admire.
 For the adults...if you want to get rid of the traditional booking of a restaurant, walk on the beach, champagne evening type of date, then consider one of these options.

  • Surprise your other half with a homemade picnic, spread out on a blanket in your lounge, with soft background music.
  • Make a home made CD or USB with all of their favourite music.
  • Find a vintage store and buy something unusual.
  • A photo print of memories made into a collage is fun too and inexpensive.
  • Talk. The cheapest, most under used gift you could give someone, is to actually listen to them and how they feel. Do not just listen, but hear what the person is talking about.
  • Create a Dream Book together - one filled with both of your hopes and dreams to travel together, things you want to achieve, things you want to do. Spend the evening actually connecting with the person you love rather than fill it with money filled ideas.
  • A hot air balloon trip is awesome too. Very romantic.
  • Shark diving for the adventurous really gets the heart rates going and the sexy feeling of living on the edge. ps..end this date with delicious cocktails.
  • Massages are awesome too. You can do it yourself and costs you nothing to reignite the intimacy of reconnecting with your partner.
  • Use your cell phone to record your inner most thoughts and hopes for the person you love and send it to them at different times of the day.
  • Build the anticipation of a beautiful day with your favourite person by leaving clues around the house or in the car.
  • Book an Advanced Car driving course or 4x4 course for both of you.
  • Test drive a sexy new car from the dealerships. Does not cost you a cent, but makes you feel like a million bucks :)
  • Make breakfast or dinner. The love that goes into cooking a meal really goes a long way in terms of thoughtfulness.. if you are kitchen in you have no clue on cooking ..then order a few different fun things and create a fun atmosphere. Lay out the table with care. Even if it just beers and pizza. Throw in a couple of plates on a setting, with neatly placed serviettes and glasses for the drinks.
  • If you are fun and quirky.. string some balloons, create yummy sandwiches and have your drinks ready. Remember, it is more romantic when there is thought put into the day, rather than the expense and cost.
  • If you have a roof, then use it. There is nothing better than dancing in the rain, sitting under the stars or being secluded on the top of roof, feeling like you are the only ones in the world.
  • Take a walk where you just hold hands. So many couples have gotten to that point in a relationship where they walk separately. Reconnect just by holding hands. Feel the person into your life again.
  • Get a sugar high...Buy ice cream or if you feel like living dangerously...share an ice cream..hahahaa..
  • Movies and dinner are a standard, but some people love it.
  • Get concert tickets even if it is for months ahead and present it gift wrapped.
  • Go to an Arcade for fun.
  • Experience tenpin bowling or the ice rink again. No it is not overrated. It is fun to do some of the things you now take for granted. That is always cool. 
  • Go swimming or skinny dipping.
  • Meet each other at a secret location with details that only arrive by text an hour in advance and then give your other half a deadline to get there. It is ridiculously crazy and fun. It could be a coffee shop, the beach, a parking lot or somewhere deliciously naughty.
  • Camp out in your own back yard complete with cooking on a small fire.
  • Record a whole lot of fun, action or romantic movies that you both enjoy and have a movie marathon.
And when all else fails...get the guy a sound system for his car. Tools for his boot, a beer making kit, surf board lessons, golfing vouchers, extreme sports gifts or even a swiss army knife. :)

For the gals...get her the beautiful flowers, chocolates,  jewellery, dinner, dance, dress up - go out evening.

And for those whom you can never get anything right with...give them your love and understanding and persevere cos' everyone deserves a second chance.

Wishing you all good luck on this most beautiful day and may all of your hopes and dreams come true.