Saturday, November 7, 2015

Intentional Living - Why it works.

At the tender age of 12, I sat down and wrote pages and pages of what I wanted to change in my life. I wrote about my pain and the healing that I needed. I wrote about what I would have in my life and what I deserved. No one guided me. It was just something that I did. Call it intuition or divine intervention, either way, it changed my life in a powerful way just to sit and write out my hearts desires.

Little did I know, that back then, I was creating a path that my life would ultimately follow. It was putting down on paper, all that I was destined to achieve, yet not being totally clear - gave me life's lessons that helped me to grow in a tremendous way.

To give you an idea of what I wrote, here goes:
  • I will marry a man who reads a lot, who comes from another country, speaks other languages than English, will be 6 Foot Tall and have blues eyes and blond hair.
  • I will have my own home and car by the age of 21.
  • I will be married by the age of 21.
  • I will have my own business and NEVER work for anyone else - EVER!!!!
  • I will be a millionare by the age of 30.
  • I will only have 2 children, specifically sons, not daughters.
  • I will help my family to achieve success and I will help with their education.
  • I will travel the world, cook and take photos as my hobby.
  • I will be published one day and I will speak about Freedom.

So....what have I achieved from the list above and how is it related to Intention you may ask?

Well, everything and more and all within the time frame that I set!

My answer is simply this - I did not realise that by making a specific decision about a specific area of my life, that I was setting an Intention of a positive outcome. It was guaranteed from the moment I chose, wrote it down and demanded that I deserved it in my mind, heart and soul. In other words - I believed that I deserved all of that.

Many would balk at the idea of a 12 year old having the maturity to know what she was asking for. Well, I challenge you with this very thought.. Age does not limit you, your thinking does. It takes a certain maturity to know, believe and achieve anything one puts their mind to. Just because you do not see results right now, does not mean that it is not achievable or real. You too, deserve the best! As I still believe off myself.

I achieved all of the above and more...all within the time frame that I had put into place as well. I met the man I would marry when I was 18 years old, we were married on my 21st Birthday, have 2 sons, have had many of my stories, articles and expertise published around the world, I travel a lot and have the pleasure of continuously enjoying my photography as well as cooking with Internationally renowned Gourmet chefs.

I have never worked for anyone since I was 18, own two companies, have bought my own vehicle, have my own home, made millions with my partner by the age of 29 and am still growing in my intentions for the beautiful world that I live in.  I have impacted the lives of thousands of people to date and have set my intention to change and impact the lives of millions more. See, my THINKING is not limited by my current circumstances.

Where I find myself right now, emotionally or financially, does not limit me in what I WILL and CAN have.

My life and my journey knows no bounds. No country, no business, no sphere of influence is too great or out of my limits for me. I can and do, interact with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I am clear about what I want to achieve from this beautiful life that I have. Many say that life is too short...I say...that Life is too exciting to be limited by what I cannot have or do. I can achieve anything I want because I know that I am capable, believe and have the ability to achieve it, because I have already set the intention. I see the end. How I get there are the details. This all comes to me, as I attract like minded people who have similar visions, positive thinking and incredible mind-sets.

Knowing and setting an intention demands that I trust. Trust is a vital part of achieving the goals that I have set, to set me on the right path of excellence and achieving my Vision. Trust also allows me to attract the right Partners who will help, guide, teach and mentor me and hold me accountable. Trust also means that I never walk alone and never achieve by myself as there is no such thing as a self made visionary. We all need the help and support of an amazing Core Group of people who have similar visions, thoughts, hopes and dreams. The key is Unity.

One of my biggest intentions that I have set to date is this - I WILL impact and change the lives of millions of people on our beautiful Earth.

That excites and scares me at the same time. But knowing that I am not doing this alone, makes it achievable. This intention has set me on another path of self empowerment, growth, different thinking, thoughtfulness, open mindedness and best of all - Learning.

See, in order to achieve - I need to up-skill myself and be ready and prepared. Preparation helps me to focus, change, adjust and work towards making sure that I can sustain my vision. It helps to motivate and boost my thinking especially as I celebrate each stage that I conquer.

I find that I am reading specific self growth books, listening to experts in various areas and asking more questions in my quest to learn more. Wisdom and experience of others is a pertinent part of my own growth. By humbling myself and being vulnerable, I allow myself to see different ways and embrace much more creative solutions that I may not have even thought about.

Personally, I can feel that I am changing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. The law of Intention guarantees that everything that I feed my mind and the words I use, directly impact my actions. My actions directly impact the habits that I had - removing the negative ones and replacing them with positive ones. And that impacts my behaviour.

My behaviour then entices and attracts the most amazing people into my life. Their abilities, skills, wisdom, thoughtfulness, experience and guidance builds me to become a better person. I am then surrounded by a Core team of people who enable me to become more influential and credible within my areas of expertise. Their ability to hold me accountable grows my confidence in the way I focus and achieve my goals. Everything has an impact and a place when you become an intentional person.

Right now, my Vision is constantly growing. I owe it to being a person of Intention. So I welcome you and hope to entice you on this journey too, so that you too can achieve, influence and impact people around you in a positive, powerful way too. :)

Let's take this walk together, help and guide each other and when someone falls, we will pick them up, dust them off and support them together.

Wishing you all the success that you deserve!!

until the next time,

take care and have fun!

Ms Arthie Moore