Thursday, December 11, 2014

South Africans!! Stand up and take back your power!

I know what direction we are currently heading in, but what are we heading towards? What is the vision of South Africa for our people?
For too long, we have stood by and watched people rule our country wielding their power in the most dramatic, soul shattering, mind boggling horrendous way.

In fact - we stopped believing and hoping! We have gone through injustices that would make many balk just at the thought of what was done to people in the name of freedom. In fact, we have been so programmed to believe that we do not deserve happiness or to succeed, that we allow ourselves to be taken advantage off.

Let me give you a simple example. Tonight, as I was driving along a well lit main road, I heard and saw a lady screaming as a man dragged her, half running and trying to strangle her at the same time. I immediately drove right up to him and screamed at him to stop. He got a helluva shock and stopped, which surprised me because he was looking at me with a very confused expression. My instincts immediately kicked in and I demanded that he stop. I asked her if she was ok and she said no...So I screamed at him to let her go or not so many nice words. He immediately let go off the death hold he had on her and pretended to walk off.. As soon as I drove off, he grabbed her again. This time, I drove onto the pavement right at him. He got a real fright and ran. I waited until she caught her breath and when she said it was ok...she turned and walked off into the opposite direction. I could not follow.

As I drove off again, I realised that he had crossed the road and was now following her from the other side..At this stage, I was now on the wrong side of the road with many vehicles coming to a standstill, but NO ONE jumping out to help or assist!! I quickly drove around the block and was now on the correct lane coming right at them again from the other side. He ran as fast as he could as soon as I sped towards him again. I stopped next to the lady and asked her if she knew the guy. Surprisingly, she said that she actually knew him. Now at this point with the adrenaline pumping through my veins, I am all set to jump out of the car and literally hit him, for hurting her, so it came as a huge deflating surprise to hear that she knew him. Apparently they were friends. And when he had too much alcohol, he liberally hit her and she accepted it. Now I ask you with tears in my eyes...Why??
Why would she allow him to treat her that way. Why would he behave that way and think that it was acceptable? Why did no-one have the balls to stop and help?

Have we all become so complacent in allowing people to treat us and others any way they please and we just sit back and let it happen?
Are we going to become a nation of people who expend so much energy whining and complaining that we could power South Africa and never have to depend on Eskom again?
Are we going to allow our Courts, Government, President, Political Parties, Apartheid System, Poverty, Old Paradigms, Backward thinking and lack of good leadership make a mockery of our country and lead us to our doom? Or are we going to stand up and be counted again?
Let us take a step back and know that so far, we have been fed a load of bullshit for so long, that we cannot even breath freely anymore because we do not even know what fresh air smells like. We live in fear of when, not if, but when we may get robbed, raped, murdered, hijacked or assaulted. Is this what we are creating for our precious children whom we put all the pressure onto, to change our country and world? Nonsense!! They will never change this world, because we are feeding them all of our negativity, hatred, racist, prejudiced, unhappy ways. Maybe their children will be less infected, who knows.

Know that every time someone gets it into their heads to toyi toyi, our economy takes a dive, our service delivery becomes non-existent and our beautiful Country's reputation becomes worse. The world is looking at us for answers. And guess what!! We have it. But we are so stuck in our thinking that we cannot see what is clearly in front of us.

Stand up and take back our country. Do it! Stop whining in your homes, in coffee shops, in your own cliques and on Social Media. Get a pair and stand up!
Do something! Demand that our Leadership is filled with people who are capable, competent and skilled...yes...skilled. If they do not have it, they should partner with the very people who have experience and are invaluable to us.
Every single person who was born on this Earth, deserves a place on this EARTH. Note, I did not say Country...I said Earth!

Mankind created the divisions amongst us through Rules, Religions, Wars, Borders and languages. This Earth belongs to no one! So stop fighting and start living! Choose to breath freely by standing up through the power of your words. Use positivity to build. Use compassion for other human beings to connect. Use understanding to rebuild relationships. Create a safe environment by stopping bullying in the home, school and work environments.

We need more Leaders who inspire and move us to greatness!

Stand up people...Wake up...the air is fresher in SA!! There is light and hope, love and respect awaiting you and your mindset change. Choose!

Ms Arthie Moore

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